on 08 Apr 2020 3:18 PM

We would like to present to you which possibilities you have in corporate communications during the Corona pandemic.

The Corona - or Covid 19 pandemic - confronts us with major challenges, both privately and as a company. For us, "home office" also means "home edits": since the mid-March, we have moved all editing, compositing and 3D workstations to our employees' homes and are now working "contact-free". Not an easy task, because "our" data cannot be stored in the cloud, but must be available locally on the particular computers. This is not just a logistical challenge. But this time also makes us extremely creative and opens our eyes to what is digitally possible. It makes us learn new things and question the familiar.

And we would like to pass this on.

Because the crisis has also had a major impact on our clients corporate communications: planned live events, trade fairs, presentations and even shootings with large teams are no longer possible and leave a gap that is difficult to close. Alternatives have to be found, because corporate communication has to go further. That's why we have thought about how we can implement projects for you quickly, easily and without complications - even from home. It does not always have to be the big image or product film. Often the desired goal can be achieved with less effort and without a big shoot.

The benefit: Especially during this time, people are online and therefore particularly easy to reach through online communication. You can use this together with us.

  • Formats as streaming and animated presentations offer the possibility to move events to online platforms.

  • Professional videos without shooting, as explanatory or animated films, allow you to produce contactless.

  • Small productions with shooting are also possible in the current situation, taking special security precautions into account.

The complexity of the projects and therefore also the budget for each production can be individually adjusted and allocated to the applied effort. Thus you receive high-quality, professional and effective projects, which are realized quickly and according to your desired effort.

Our great advantage is that digital post-production, as a major part of our daily business, is just that: digital - and therefore contactless. Our employees in the home office are still able to realize the projects in the post-production without any restrictions. The approval processes, the delivery of interim results and the final product are also carried out digitally and without direct contact, and can therefore be handled without any problems even in this difficult situation.

We are digitally connected to each other via various channels and in direct exchange about the current projects, which guarantees a fast and complete realization of the projects. We offer you the old tried and tested, but also new digital communication channels - e.g. you can get direct insights into the work on your projects via screen transmissions or in online meetings.

So: Stay positive and optimistic! We will not leave you alone with the changeover of your communication. Build on our years of experience and expertise in online communication. We will continue to be there for you and will present the possibilities in more detail here. Stay tuned!

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