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trias GmbH |

Agency for motion picture communication

We love digital media! Based in Cologne, we produce Europe-wide for a large number of renowned customers in all areas in which they want to communicate with digital moving images and create awareness: at trade fairs and events, on the Internet and on video portals, in front of customers or the public.

How about a little sample? Enjoy our showreel...

Our showreel - 2019

Film production | Presentations | Internet solutions

Image films, product films, explanatory films, films for events or websites, VR 360° videos, virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications, as large-screen projection or as mobile apps - motion picture communication takes place in a wide variety of ways and through a wide variety of media.

This is where we feel at home: We develop ideas for moving communication solutions and realize them within budget.

Full service motion picture communication

As an agency for motion picture communication, we can provide you with everything from one single source if you wish: developing concepts, making films and creating awareness. Right from the start, we think two steps ahead: How can the film be successfully published, how can we increase its relevance for the target group and what second or third benefits does it have to offer in order to increase its reach?


Develop concepts

Developing concepts is one of our favourite tasks. From the idea to the expose, to the script and storyboard - you should be sure that your film will be exactly the way you want it to be. Moods and pre-visualizations offer you and us the necessary security.

Make films

Making films has been our business for more than 20 years. Unlike other motion picture communication agencies, we have post-production in-house. This enables us to react flexibly and at short notice to your wishes.

Raise awareness

We have made it our business to create awareness. It is important to us that your film will be seen. And that means by the relevant target group. This point is often overlooked and that is, of course, very annoying. That's why we now offer it to our customers as well.

»Goodness, Truth & Beauty«

If you want to understand your customer, you don't need a translator. All it takes is being a good listener. And we listen carefully when we talk to you, because complete customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a result, our clients include a large number of renowned companies:

The heart of the world…

Cologne is the heart of one of Europe's most creative regions. Directors, script writers, designers and many other specialists are part of the trias network. The core of it is the trias team. We work for your [and our] visions. Hand in hand, in a cooperative and independent way. This goes perfectly with an experienced, coordinated management, consulting, creation and production team... and it's a lot of fun!

Albert Lenthe

Managing Director, Controlling, Project Management, Editorial Office

Andreas Arntz

Creative Director, Conception, Direction, Post-Production

Karolina Pisarek

Project Management

Philipp Bank

Producer, Direction

Stefan Tempel

Compositing, Animation, Editing

Simon Stricker

3D Visualization, Animation

Lisa Lambertin

3D Visualization, Animation

Lukas Hildner

Editing, Compositing, Animation

Esther Billen

Editing, Animation, Social Media

Kevin Scoppwer

Editing, Animation, Illustration, Color Grading

Chantal Willing

Editing, Animation

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