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trias GmbH | Agency for motion picture communication

trias GmbH |
Agency for motion picture communication

We love digital media - from the bottom of our hearts!

Because we really enjoy producing them. Because even after 25 years they have not lost their fascination for us. And because we love working with people - clients as well as colleagues.

Based in Cologne, we produce Europe-wide for a large number of renowned customers in all areas in which they want to communicate with digital moving images and create awareness: at trade fairs and events, on the Internet and on video portals.

See for yourself - we would also be happy to help you personally!

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Full service motion picture agency

No medium works more directly than a moving image - if the format is cleverly thought through and professionally produced, from the first idea to the final exploitation. This is exactly what we specialize in. Our portfolio is wide-ranging:

Image films, product films, explanatory films

Films for events, web and social media

VR 360° videos, augmented & mixed reality

On the big screen and on television

As mobile app

...and much more


Tailor-made communication solutions that inspire

But which format is best suited for your product and your communication goal? How does it reach the right people on the right platform? We deliver all relevant services from a single source: on budget, anytime and anywhere. Our network also guarantees international productions at different locations.

From the idea to the concept and production to the generation of reach - we support you wherever you wish.


Develop concepts

From the idea to the expose, to the script and storyboard - you should be sure that your film will be exactly the way you want it to be. Moods and pre-visualizations offer you and us the necessary security.


Make films

Making films has been our business for more than 25 years. We take over all tasks from shooting to postproduction, which we have directly in house. This enables us to react flexibly and at short notice to your wishes.


Raise awareness

We have made it our business to ensure that your film is seen by the relevant target group. Unfortunately, this point is often overlooked and that is, of course, very annoying. That's why we now offer it to our customers as well.

Good story? We tell it!

Moving image is in a constant state of change. This applies in particular to the image film - a traditional concept with a great future. One of our strengths is to break with this concept and to reinterpret the tried and tested.

There is a strong story in every company. We find, film and tell your story - with brilliant pictures, exciting texts and captivating music. Staged as emotionally as only a high-quality image film can. Because no concept is more exciting than conveying contemporarily interpreted facts through empathy.

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Fantastic product? We stage it perfectly!

Spectacularly staging your product with new visual approaches is a task to our taste.

We turn your product into the main actor, through an original format, a convincing argumentation, excellent pictures - or through a combination of all that. A product film shows your customers how your product is created, what advantages it offers and why it makes the world a little better for the customer - at the point of sale, on the internet...exactly where your product gets the desired attention.

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Complex service? We make it understandable!

Your services and process chains are complicated and do not speak for themselves? We break down your know-how in an understandable way and ensure the decisive transfer of knowledge.

In this age of complex relationships, international flows of goods and global added value, transparency and comprehensibility are more in demand than ever. And that's what we do for you. Using real images, animations, 3D visualizations and all other stylistic means of film production, we explain what goes on in the black box and why it is so valuable.

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Everyone knows Spots...

...but not everyone can do one! Are you looking for the largest possible audience and maximum attention for your product or service? We produce the right spot for you.

In a few seconds we tell stories, present products or celebrate brands - whether for cinema, television or the web. Spots are a demanding special discipline in corporate film production. Hardly any other genre can generate such a strong emotionality so quickly - with an intelligent combination of the decisive factors to bind customers to your company.

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You're planning the big show? Count us in!

Films are indispensable for many events - openers, stages, unveil films and much more. We not only produce these films, but also help you to integrate them into the dramaturgy of your event, to define the appropriate technology and to control the process in the live direction.

In order to review the event, we can summarize it as a documentary - even at short notice - on request. We also take on this job for other types of projects: we go the distance with you and document projects from scratch to completion.

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One reality is not enough for us!

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the moving image medium has been raised to a higher level of perception of reality.

With computer-generated and real filmed VR 360° videos, we make it possible to explore virtual worlds just by turning your head. Or we complement the real world with Augmented Reality to become active ourselves. These forms of image reception generate completely new user experiences, immersive and interactive. However, new possibilities also require a new way of dealing with the audience and this has consequences for your communication - we will be happy to support you!

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You miss something?

Art is allowed to do anything and we see ourselves as artists - with a focus on craftsmanship. That's why we master many other varieties of film: social media clips, recruiting films, advertising films, video exhibits, special large formats, special forms of advertising,...

Where genre boundaries flow and applications have a manufactory character, we feel even more challenged. We are happy to personally discuss which tailor-made solution is the right one for you.

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