Trias | Goodness. Truth. Beauty.

What is good storytelling? How does a story reach the target audience? Which format is suitable for its distribution and on which channel? trias has been dealing with these questions since 1994.

trias makes films

With experience...

Today, 25 years and about 6,000 films later, we have a lot of answers and know how to combine quality (goodness), credibility (truth) and emotions (beauty) into an impressive and harmonious overall experience. This experience creates authenticity, always paired with a large portion of passion and spirit of discovery - because the market is constantly evolving.

That's why we place great value on listening to our customers and using the knowledge we have gained to deliver a tailor-made solution that surprises and combines the good with the true in the most beautiful way.

trias makes films

... into the future

Moving images have an unbeatable advantage, because they can transport several messages simultaneously on various levels, or support one message simultaneously on several levels - much faster than any text or individual image could ever do.

In addition, moving images are among the big winners of digitalization: videos at any time, at any place, on any device. Exciting formats that tell compelling stories about corporate content, generate reach and push click rates are becoming even more important.

We would be happy to work with you to find out what added value a film can offer your company - we look forward to hearing from you!


The heart of the world…

Cologne is the heart of one of Europe's most creative regions. Directors, script writers, designers and many other specialists are part of the trias network. The core of it is the trias team. We work for your [and our] visions. Hand in hand, in a cooperative and independent way. This goes perfectly with an experienced, coordinated management, consulting, creation and production team... and it's a lot of fun!

Albert Lenthe

Managing Director

Andreas Arntz

Creative Director

Dora Gulyas

Project management, Direction, Camera

Philipp Bank

Project management, Direction

Esther Bittniok

Editing, Animation, Social Media

Stefan Tempel

Compositing, Animation, Sound Design, Editing

Simon Stricker

3D Visualization, Animation, Compositing

Lukas Hildner

Editing, Compositing, Animation

Phaidonas Gialis

3D Visualization, Animation, Compositing

Romy Gerritzen

Editing, Animation, Camera

Philip Skommodau


Jamila Mzee

Dual student