on 16 Nov 2018 1:30 PM

Some films are made for a very special purpose: the live event.

If films are integrated into an event, they need a production, a dramaturgy, a schedule for their "performance". Since this task is as important as it is indispensable, it has its own title at trias: "Stage Director".

For a filmmaker, there is nothing better than personally experiencing how a film celebrates its premiere in front of an audience. That's why we love to help our clients integrate their films into the overall process, define the right technology and take care of the rest as well - with the exception of catering, which others can do much better, we're sure.

The stage director's career with us began more than twenty years ago - on a unique scale. More than 15,000 people gathered in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle as guests of a cosmetics company that had invited Franz Beckenbauer, Hans-Dietrich-Genscher, DJ Bobo, Keke Rosberg, Lothar Matthäus, Michael Gorbatschow and many others to this event. Thomas Gottschalk moderated and Albert Lenthe was responsible for teleprompters and inserts.

Since then, trias has hosted more than 100 events, always close to our product: the perfect film, presented live in the best possible overall staging. That's the goal and for this, a lot needs to be done. Our customers will be happy to confirm this to you - customers like EP:ElectronicPartner, Bundesnetzagentur, Canon Germany, Kinderwelten, Langnese-Iglo, Barmenia Versicherung, weinor, Shimadzu, Screenforce, MAZDA, Sefpro and many more.

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