on 05 Mar 2021 11:25 AM

In the digital information overload, customer attention is more fiercely contested than ever.

People want to be inspired and addressed emotionally - interactive communication via moving images is ideal for just that. Television sets the visual standard for this form of communication. And this is one of trias' strengths. We produce live and show events for our customers at TV level and stream them professionally.

Current trias online references include a new car presentation for an automobile manufacturer, the employee kick-off 2021 for a Japanese electronics group, the year-end gala for a financial services provider and the sector event for German TV advertising marketers.

We set up the big stage for companies in virtual space and tell their story from all desired angles. To do this, we combine various formats into an overall concept, which we produce for our clients either in its entirety or in modules, both technically and dramaturgically.

Whether live, hybrid or recorded: The key to success is perfect staging. A good idea and sophisticated technology alone are not enough to activate and involve users.

The art of storytelling and visual implementation must also be mastered - especially now.

All formats are scalable and can be adapted to the respective occasion, product and purpose. trias accompanies customers from the idea to implementation, whether with OB vans on site or small but effective mobile technology. Modern HTML5 technologies for interactive modules and high-bandwidth content delivery networks make the stream perfect - all in compliance with DSVGO, of course.

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